Cynthia Carlson

Academic Title

  • Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Additional Titles

  • Co-Director, Environmental Sciences and Sustainability
  • Walkability and Public Health
  • Water Resources Engineering

Civil engineering impacts public health and community well-being in many ways. I am interested in examining how infrastructure and its designers can support healthier communities through improved walkability, water-quality protection and stormwater management. In addition, I’m interested in how best to teach engineering concepts to aspiring engineers, including college students and youth. This involves a variety of types of hands-on, experiential learning, such as project-based learning, real-world projects and simulations/games.

  • Ph.D. Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science University of New Hampshire
  • M.S. Environmental Engineering Dartmouth College
  • B.S. Civil Enginering UMass Amherst
  • Engineering Education
  • Stormwater Management
  • Walkability and Public Health
  • Water Quality
  • Watershed Planning

Fulton, J. E., Carlson, S. A., Ainsworth, B. E., Berrigan, D., Carlson, C., Dorn, J. M., and Mâsse, L. C. (2016). “Strategic Priorities for Physical Activity Surveillance in the United States.” Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, 1(13), 111-123.

Carlson, C. H., Gatling, A. P., Adams, J. G., and Fraga Muller, J. (2017, June), “Hiring Other Classes: Working Across Departmental Boundaries in Interdisciplinary Projects for Senior Engineers,” paper presented at 2017 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.

Cloutier, S.; Karner, A.; Breetz, H.L.; Toufani, P.; Onat, N.; Patel, S.; Paralkar, S.; Berejnoi, E.; Morrison, B.A.; Papenfuss, J.; Briggs, A.D.; Carlson, C. “Measures of a Sustainable Commute as a Predictor of Happiness.” Sustainability 2017, 9, 1214.

  • Best Policy-Oriented Paper, Environmental and Water Resources Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2016.
  • Senior Fellow, Environmental Leadership Programs, 2008.
  • Young Engineer of the Year, New Hampshire Joint Engineering Board, 2003.
  • Individual Merit Award, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1, New England, 2001.