Seung-Hwan Kim

Academic Title

  • Assistant Instructional Professor, Biology

My graduate study at Seoul National University and Texas A&M University and postdoctoral research at Harvard University have focused on genome instability, DNA damage and repair, cell cycle control, and cancer biology. I am very passionate about teaching and have a flexible teaching style that allows interaction with students. Powered by a belief that quality education is dependent on the quality of the teacher and their ability to inspire and motivate students, I aim to inspire above all else. My teaching philosophy is “the transfer of knowledge is two-way, not one- way” and encourages students to have the motivation and enthusiasm to think scientifically and creatively. Before joining Merrimack College, over the six years, as an adjunct faculty, I taught many courses at various levels, including Introductory Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biostatistics, and Mathematics at Endicott College, North Shore Community College, and Franklin Pierce University.

My current and ongoing research projects are as follows:

  1. Evolutionary Model of Cancer 
    Mutation is fundamental to genetic variation on which selection can occur, but it is not clear how mutational input plays a role as a directional force in adaptive evolution. Thus, we measure mutation rates, fitness, and other parameters using experimental evolution, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and other approaches to elucidate the mechanism underlying interplay between mutation and selection in driving cancer tumorigenesis. In our study, understanding the principles of adaptive oncogenesis could have profound implication for cancer therapy and drug design.
  2. Evolution and Christian Faith
    Since receiving a research grant from The BioLogos Foundation’s Evolution & Christian Faith Program in January 2013, we have performed surveys and organized forums with students, scholars, pastors, and laypersons in the greater Boston area. We found that they have a problem to hold their faith, along with evolution. However, they don’t completely reject evolution and want to find a better way to solve their problem. Positively, they agree that science and faith should make harmony through evolutionary creation. Therefore, we should continue our efforts to promote the harmony between evolution and Christian faith in our society. To accomplish this goal, we develop conferences, seminars, interdisciplinary courses, and networks.
  • Ph.D. Medical Sciences Texas A&M University Health Science Center
  • M.S. Molecular Biology Seoul National University
  • M.Div. Theology Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • B.S. Biology Daegu University

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Antonia H. Holway, Seung-Hwan Kim, Adriana La Volpe, and W. Matthew Michael (2006) Checkpoint silencing during the DNA damage response in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos. Journal of Cell Biology, 172(7): 999-1008.

Seung-Hwan Kim, Malgorzata Pytlos, William Rosche, and Richard R. Sinden (2006) (CAG)·(CTG) repeats associated with neurodegenerative diseases are stable in the Escherichia coli chromosome. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281(38):27950-27955.

Seung-Hwan Kim, Malgorzata Pytlos, and Richard R. Sinden (2006) Replication restart: a pathway for (CTG)·(CAG) repeat deletion in Escherichia coli. Mutation Research, 595(1-2):5-22.

Seung-Hwan Kim, Lu Cai, Malgorzata J. Pytlos, Sharon F. Edwards, and Richard R. Sinden (2005) Generation of long tracts of disease-associated DNA repeats. BioTechniques, 38(2):247-253.

Min Xu, Lei Nie, Seung-Hwan Kim and Xiao-Hong Sun (2003) STAT5-induced Id-1 transcription involves recruitment of HDAC1 and deacetylation of C/EBP beta. EMBO Journal, 22(4):893-904.

Yong Hwan Jin, Eung Jae Yoo, Yeun Kyu Jang, Seung Hwan Kim, Min Ji Kim, Young Sam Shim, Jung Sup Lee, In Soon Choi, Rho Hyun Seong, Seung Hwan Hong, and Sang Dai Park (1998) Isolation and characterization of hrp1+, a new member of the SNF2/SWI2 gene family from the fission yeast Schizosacchromyces pombe. Molecular and General Genetics, 257(3): 319-329.

Seung-Hwan Kim, Minkyu Kim, Joon Kyu Lee, Min Ji Kim, Yong Hwan Jin, Rho Hyun Seong, Seung Hwan Hong, Cheol O Joe, and Sang Dai Park (1997) Identification and Expression of uvi31+, a UV-inducible Gene from Schizosacchromyces pombe. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 30(1):72-81.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
  • Evolution & Christian Faith Grant (The BioLogos Foundation)
  • Church Planting Grant (North American Mission Board)
  • Protestant Minister Ordination (Southern Baptist Convention)
  • Billy Graham Scholarship (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
  • Keystone Symposia Scholarship (Keystone Symposia)
  • Excellent Publication Award (Wonkwang University)
  • Predoctoral Scholarships (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Texas A&M University Health Science Center)
  • Honor Student Scholarship (Daegu University)