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Master’s Degree in Public Administration: Why Merrimack College?

Develop interdisciplinary skills.

Merrimack College’s public administration and affairs degree equips you with marketable expertise that you can adapt for a variety of roles. You’ll acquire practical skills in public administration, public policy, organizational leadership, finance, communication, data analysis, and more, gaining the ability to address complex problems and craft innovative solutions.

Specialize in issues that matter to you.

Our graduate degree in public administration and affairs grants you the freedom to focus on the public policy issues you care about most. The program culminates in a capstone project or internship that may include original research, public policy design, in-depth analysis, fieldwork or other hands-on activity.

Connect with public administration professionals.

Merrimack has active partnerships throughout the public administration and affairs community. You’ll interact with legislators, nonprofit directors, government officials, public policy experts, political advocates and other leaders.

Convenient and flexible options.

Our master of public administration and affairs was designed to fit your busy life. Whether you study online or on campus, you can choose to earn your master’s in 1-2 years of full-time study, or complete the degree part-time at your own pace. Our campus program offers evening classes to fit the schedules of working adults, while our online graduate program lets you pursue your MPA from anywhere.

Build strong faculty relationships.

You’ll study public administration in small classes led by attentive, highly engaged instructors. Our faculty experts include scholars such as Dr. Anne Boxberger Flaherty, Dr. Harry Wessel and Dr. Brad Miller, as well as veteran public administrators such as Andrew Maylor and Sarah Stanton.

Join a committed community.

Merrimack’s public affairs graduate degree caters to a diverse, engaged and enthusiastic student cohort. Whether you’re just entering the workforce, seeking a promotion or migrating into public administration from another profession, our master’s degree in public affairs will help you take the next step.