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Health and Wellness Management Master’s Degree: Why Merrimack?

You can make a strong impression in the job market with a health management master’s degree from Merrimack. Our program is known for its:

One-of-a-kind fellowships.

If you qualify for one of Merrimack’s unique health and wellness management fellowships, you can gain hundreds of hours of hands-on workplace experience with high-profile partners such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Tufts Medical Center, or the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. Health management fellowships include a 50-100% tuition reduction.

Superior faculty.

You’ll build relationships with seasoned health management practitioners, including nationally renowned researchers such as Juliana Cohen and industry veterans such as Allison Higgins, Raytheon’s former manager of corporate wellness. Merrimack professors combine academic distinction with extensive clinical experience, offering practical insights that go far beyond standard textbook curriculum.

Exceptional interdisciplinary training.

Merrimack’s health and wellness master’s degree provides tightly integrated expertise in health, wellness, business, administration and policy. Few U.S. graduate programs offer a comparable package, so our health and wellness program elevates you to the top of the hiring pool and qualifies you for leadership positions.

Outstanding professional development.

All students in the health and wellness management program have opportunities to gain practical skills by participating in research, completing internships, conducting case studies and doing project-based assignments. The health and wellness master’s degree culminates in a capstone project that showcases your talent and strengthens your portfolio.