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Mental Health and Crisis Resources

We’ve put together mental health information and crisis resources to help address your questions and concerns. We also offer a wide variety of campus educational programming to promote health and wellness, including workshops, seminars and groups. 


On Campus: Call campus police at 978-837-5911.

Off Campus: Call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room.


Crisis Resources
How to Manage Anxiety
  • Exercise
  • Good nutrition
  • Yoga
    • Many studios are operating online offering downloads or virtual classes
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Reading
  • Creating
    • Art
    • Baking
    • Cooking
    • Music
  • Go outside - walk, run, hike, bike
  • Explore nature - woods, beaches, mountains
  • Prayer
  • Identify your supports
  • Stay connected
    • Zoom is great for group meetings
  • Take a “trip” -  List of virtual tours and live webcams
Mental Health Hotlines
Mindfulness Apps
Online Mental Health Platform
Silver Cloud Health 
  • Tailored programs on stress, anxiety, depression, resilience
  • Action-oriented programs build self-awareness
Online Support Groups
Recovery Resources
Resources for Students of Color
Telehealth Services - Medical and Behavioral Health
Teletherapy and Teletherapy Directories
Therapist Directories
  • Thriving Campus - providers specifically identified as working well with college students
  • Psychology Today - nationwide
  • ZenCare - limited areas
    • Can search by zip code, filter by the insurance company, specialty area, etc.
    • Most providers have virtual options
Websites and Articles
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